We offer a wide spectrum of products and services in order to develop an individual concept for our customers.


For all kind of Steel making facilities we are supplying magnesia carbon bricks, tap hole filling material for EBT, dry ramming material for hearth, gunning and fettling material for hot and cold repair.

In the field of Continuous Casting, the tundish is our home. The tailor made design to optimize the tundish flow pattern, heat distribution and reduced inclusions in the steel flow will be achieved. Special insulating material, monolithic permanent tundish lining, repair material for permanent lining, spray masses for working lining, dams, wears, well blocks, special build in items as well as covering and casting powders are supplied.

All kind of ISOstatic products are in our range of supply, like Ladle shrouds, Stopper with and without argon, tundish nozzles and subentry shroud. (SES / SEN) Exothermic covering agent, Isolating powder and plates for Ingot Casting as well as Metallurgy Synthetic and pre melted slag for secondary metallurgy including Desulphurization agent are finalizing the supply program.